Mechanical quantities

Non-automatic scales,

Weights (E2, F1, F2, M1, M2),

Bodies of any weight.


Fluid quantities

Flow meters in open channels (water) and closed systems up to a diameter of 200mm,

pipettes (single- and multichannel),

burettes and dispensers, volume measuring containers, volumetric dosing systems.



Indicating thermomters,

Liquid-filled thermomteres,

Controlled temperature chambers.


Dimensional quantities

Lenght measuring instruments,

Depth measuring instrument,

External dimensions measuring instrument.

Accredited Calibration Certificate

For all calibrations within our scope of accreditation we issue an accredited calibration certificate with the logos of the accreditation body (SA) and the company Alba. The certificate lists the environmental conditions in which the measurements were performed, measuring results, measurement uncertainty and a brief description of the calibration procedure used as well as the declaration of traceability of etalon to international standards. The calibrated measuring instrument is equipped with a label, which contains the reference number and the date of calibration and upon the customer’s request, also the date of validity. If the measuring instrument is also centred or repaired before the calibration, the results before and after the centring or repair will be indicated on the certificate.

Non-accredited Calibration Certificate

If the calibration is not within our scope of accreditation, we are talking about a non-accredited calibration. This differs from the accredited one in that here the calibration measuring procedure is not verified by an accreditation body. The certificates we issue are not accredited and only contain the Alba company’s logo, a brief description of the measurement process, the measuring uncertainty and the declaration of traceability to the standards used.

Calibration interval

The calibration intervals are defined by the clients themselves. The calibration certificate and the calibration label do not contain recommendations about the calibration interval, unless agreed with the client. Upon the client’s wish we may inform the client about the expiry of the certificate validity by e-mail or telephone a month before the expiration date.