Standard weighing software



  • Weighing Program allows display of net, tare and gross weight.
  • Data Logging possible via optional printer interface. The print layout for labels or forms is configurable. Printout of weights, totals, date, time and consecutive-No.
  • Data Transmission to PC via optional PC interface. Transmission of date, time, consecutive-No. and weight after each weighing cycle.



  • Weighing terminal can be remotely controlled over the Ethernet interface from a PC or PLC.
  • Taring, zero setting and other functions can alternatively be released via digital inputs(from PLC or external push buttons).
  • Layout and format of printing can be controlled from the PC.



  • Automatic multi-ingredient batchweighing in hoppers, mixers or tanks.
  • Recipe batchweighing on floor and pit- mounted scales including control of manually added ingredients.
  • Subtractive batchweighing (weighout) from hopper scales.



  • Automatic control of piece goods.
  • It stores target weights and tolerance zones for up to 99 different articles.
  • Weight deviation from target and standard deviation or mean weight is displayed on the color screen.
  • Over- and underweight can be rejected via control signal outputs.
  • The checkweighing results are captured in a statistics file and may be displayed, printed or transferred to a host computer.




  • Maximum throughput through fast signal processing with efficient digital filtering
  •  Accurate fill control through fast acting trend-sensing preact adjustment and weight tolerance control
  • High operational security through extensive monitoring functions and simple operator control
  • Recording of all batch data eg product-related weight totals, batch protocols and test reports for W&M acceptance. Optionally, printout of data and/or
  • Remote diagnosis and remote operation possible over Internet.




  • For parts counting, weighing and recording applications.
  • Parts count is calculated by applying reference parts to the weigh platform. Parts counting may be performed
    by addition of parts to an empty container or by removal of parts from a filled container. Using the plus/minus
    display the count to a target quantity can be controlled.
  • Data recording can be on strip, label or form printers. Print format is configurable.
    Optionally, all data can also be transferred to a host computer.
    Three separate memories for totals of count and weights are available.
  • The connection of a reference scale is also possible.


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